Continuing Professional Development

The Continuing professional development of the specialists with university education in the field of health is a continuing process starting on the conferred day and continues till the professional activity end.
The regulation No 31 /28 June 2001 about the post-graduate studies and the Minister of Health Order No RD 09-362/16 June 2004 contains the continuing professional development order and conditions.
The Medical University-Sofia faculties organize and carry out the continuing professional development for doctors, dentists and pharmacists and non-medical university graduates working in the health sector.
The Postgraduate and University-Hospital Coordination Department organize courses and individual training for medical and non-medical specialists and bachelors. The Medical University-Sofia Rector confirms the planned time-table devised that is sent to the chief-nurses of the medical institutions in the country.
Application for participation in the thematic courses and individual trainings are accepted by the Specialists and Bachelors Sector. The applicants approved receive a direction card for the course chosen with all detailed indications (place of education, starting hour, fee etc) one month before the course beginning.
The courses and individual training are carried out against payment. The
Medical University –Sofia Academic Council decides about the fees. All continuing professional development courses graduates receive a certificate.