Language Training and Student Sports Center


Foreign students who are accepted at the Medical University – Sofia enroll in the preparatory study year at the Center for Language training and student Sports (CLTSS) where they study Bulgarian language intensively – 650 hours, biology (90h), human anatomy and physiology (90h) and medical chemistry (180h). Passing the final exam successfully allows the students to continue their education in the first year of the chosen specialty.
Those international students who know Bulgarian language enroll in the first year after 45-day intensive Bulgarian language course (180h) that starts on the1st of August of the respective year. The students with double citizenship who have a good command of both – written and spoken Bulgarian language can be enrolled in the first year after an exam in Bulgarian language which is to be taken from 1st to 10th of September of the respective year.

The documents for enrollment at the CLTSS are as follows:

  • Notifying letter from the rector of MU-Sofia
  • A set of documents for enrollment
  • A receipt for paid tuition fee
  • Three photos (passport size)