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Change of deadlines for nomination of incoming students

Change of deadlines for nomination of incoming students.

According to the new internal rules for Erasmus+ program the new deadlines are:
June 15th  - for the winter semester or a whole academic year;
December 1st   -  for the summer semester.


Medical University of Sofia has won a project for the exchange of Erasmus lecturers and students with the University of Hiroshima, Japan for the academic year 2016/17. In connection with the implementation of the project activities, during the period from July 1 to July 8, 2017, three lecturers realized an Erasmus Mobility for Teaching at the University of Hiroshima:

Prof. Dr. Radoslav Girchev, MD, DSc. and Chief Assistant Professor Dr. Nikolay Ichshtiev, MD, PhD, from the Faculty of Medicine and Chief Assist. Professor Dr. Nikolay Apostolov, MD, PhD, from the Faculty of Dental Medicine.

Prof. Dr. Radoslav Girchev, MD, DSc in seminar hall 1, in the building of Basic and Sociomedical Research, at the University of Hiroshima delivered lectures presenting the structure and curricula of the Medical University - Sofia, including the educational objectives and the learning outcomes of Physiology training as required by the Bologna Process. He also presented the ERASMUS credit mobility at the Medical University of Sofia with the industrialized partner countries of the 13 region. During a seminar organized by Professor Hideya Yamamoto, he presented a scientific report entitled "Effects of Newly Synthetized Nociceptin Analogues Modified in Ninth Position on the Sympatho-Vagal Balance in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats." During his stay, Prof. Girchev visited the Department of Cardiovascular Research, headed by Professor Iasuki Kihara, the Functional Research Laboratory headed by Prof. Higashi and the Department of Physiology at the Medical Faculty, where, in a conversation with Prof. Massao Oocusumi and his Collaborators exchanged ideas for future scientific cooperation. As Head of the International Integration and Project Funding department, he is involved in the selection procedure development for Erasmus students from the University of Hiroshima, including the selection criteria and the preparation of the documents required by the Program. Prof. Girchev participated in the interview for selection of Erasmus students and in this connection he also met the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Prof. Kuichi Kot, to discuss the admissions of students of dentistry at Medical University - Sofia.

Laboratory at the Department of Cardiovascular Studies headed by Prof. Hideya Yamamoto at the Hiroshima University, Japan, 05.07.2017

Chief Assist. Professor Dr. Nikolay Ishkitiev, MD, PhD, delivered lectures on "Potential for Differentiation of Stem Cells in the Dental District". During his Erasmus stay Dr. Ishkitiev attended the Department of Biomaterials, the Department of Biochemistry headed by Professor Chisa Sukunami, the Department of Oral Biology and Engineering of Prof. Hiroki Nikava, with whom they exchanged views on future cooperation.

Chief Assist. Professor Dr. Nikolay Apostolov, MD, PhD delivered lectures on "Prosthetic adhesives - application and necessity", held meetings with the Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine - Prof. Kuichi Kato and the Head of the Department of Oral Physiology Prof. Sugita, with whom discussed the possibilities for collaborative research projects.

The lectures were attended by more than 300 students and professors from the Medical Faculty of the University of Hiroshima.

Within their Erasmus stay they also visited the hospital complex of the University of Hiroshima.
During their visit to Hiroshima, Prof. Dr. Radoslav Girchev, MD, DSc., Chief Assist. Professor Dr. Nikolay Ishkitiev and Chief Assist. Dr. Nikolay Apostolov also met with the members of the Friendship Society between Hiroshima and Bulgaria, where they were welcomed by a letter from the Foreign Minister of Japan, Fuimo Chischi.

Erasmus Office

Medical University – Sofia

Erasmus Office

15, Acad. Ivan Geshov, fl.12, r.9(left) and r.18
Sofia 1431

S.Borisova -,
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Application procedures

ECTS Guide of Medical University - Sofia

How to Apply 

If you wish to study at MU-Sofia as an Erasmus student for a semester or a whole academic year,
please read carefully the following step-by-step information:

1. Contact the International Office of your home university to find out whether your university has a Bilateral Agreement with MU-Sofia for the respective academic year. (You can also refer to our List of Partner universities).

2. If there is such an agreement you have to be officially nominated by your university as an Erasmus student.

3. We have to receive the following filled in documents: 

  • Student Application Form

Learning Agreement - for further information about your study programme , please contact the responsible Faculty Coordinator of our university, and please look at the ECTS Course catalogue for international students

Training agreement (If you are applying for clinical placement)

Transcript of records

Accommodation Form - if you wish to use the university accommodation facilities

4. Dead-lines for the application:
June 15 - for the winter semester or a whole academic year
December 1st - for the summer semester

5. After we have received the documents, your application and study programme are considered and approved by our university, we will send the acceptance documents to the International Office of your university.  

  • Before Arrival

After you have been accepted as an Erasmus student, and you are preparing your arrival, please keep in touch with us for any additional information you or we will need. 

Please inform us about the exact date and time of your arrival and we or a student of our university will meet you.
 If you wish to study Bulgarian language we will arrange a course for you at the Department of Foreign Language Training at our university. 

  • After Arrival

After your arrival to Sofia come to our International Office and we will arrange all the issues of your stay at MU-Sofia. 

  • During your stay

Whenever you need help or have any question, please contact us by e-mail, or come to our office and we will do our best to help solve the problem. 


Incoming Erasmus Students' Application Form

Useful information for incoming Erasmus+ students.

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Medical University – Sofia

Erasmus Office

15, Acad. Ivan Geshov, fl. 12, r. 9, r. 18
Sofia 1431

S.Borisova -,
tel.: +359 2 9152 138

Tanya Todorova -,
tel.: +359 2 9152 165

Simeon Manolov -,
тел. +359 2 9152138;

  • Erasmus Faculty Coordinators:

Faculty of Medicine – Assoc. Prof. Nina Belova, MD, PhD
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2 Zdrave Str., Sofia 1431

Faculty of Dental Medicine – Prof. Bojidar Yordanov
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Faculty of Pharmacy – Prof. Valentina Petkova, PhD,
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Faculty of Public Health – Assoc.Prof.Antoniya Yanakieva
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