Cooperation Agreement between the University of Tennessee, USA and the Medical University - Sofia

In 2012 a cooperation agreement was signed by the Rector of the Medical University – Sofia and Vice President of the University of Tennessee, Mr. CHARLES PEKOLO. The contract provides a basis for joint actions to improve dental medicine through exchange of ideas in the field of dental education and practice and through a program for international exchange of students and teachers between the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Sofia and the College of Dentistry of the University of Tennessee, USA.

Medical University – Sofia is a co-founder of “Alliance for Oral Health Across Borders”

Medical University – Sofia received an invitation to become a co-founder of the Alliance for Oral Health across Borders. The first symposium and the signing of the founding Charter of the International Union for Health in the Oral Cavity took place at 3 and 4.VIII.2011 at the Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Representatives of the Medical University – Sofia – Prof. Dr. Radomir Ugrinov – Vice Rector and Prof. Dr. Radoslav Girchev – Head of International Integration and Project Funding Department signed the founding Charter. Delegates from 20 countries and 20 deans from the US Dental Schools signed the Charter of the International Union of Oral Health and committed to the Union’s activities and objectives to create “bridges to oral health through the oral cavity” part of general health, improving the welfare of people around the world, and developing international cooperation among actors in the Union.