Digital Transformation Challenges International Scientific Online Conference

Eastern European University Association (EEUA) invites you to participate in EdCrunch Ural Conference —an International Scientific Online Conference devoted to Digital Transformation Challenges (September 29-30, 2020).

The main topic of this year’s EdCrunch Ural Conference is the challenges of digitalization. You will learn about the best practices and tools for developing students’ key competencies in the digital economy and Soft skills, as well as training programs for research and educational personnel in the field of mathematics, computer science, and other digital economy technologies.

We will discuss the realities of the digital economy and the challenges facing universities in the new environment. There will be an opportunity to get acquainted with various models of Digital University and learn about the main global trends in the transformation of education. Attendees will be able to exchange experience in implementing technological innovations and enlist the support of partners in solving complex educational tasks.

Invited Speakers: 

  • · Lachyn Italmazova, THE (Times Higher Education)
  • · Brown Ken, Letterkenny Institute of Technology (Ireland)
  • · Stanislav Ivanov, Varna University of Management (Bulgaria)
  • · Thomas Kraus, Worldwide Congresses for Persons with disabilities
  • · Susan O’Rourke, Carlow University (Pittsburgh, USA)
  • · Kevin Spencer, educator, artist, consultant, cultural entrepreneur
  • · Oleg Kolpaschikov, White Cane organisation, Sails of the Spirit Humanitarian Mission
  • · Andrey Volkov, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO (Russia)

Options of participation

  1.     Participation is free of charge. You can join as a speaker or attendee. The working language is English.
  2. To attend please register at the Registration Page