Citizens of EU and EEA countries as well as citizens of Switzerland are admitted for post-graduate education according the rules of the Bulgarian citizens when their professional qualification is acknowledged in regards to the Law of recognition of professional qualifications. The same conditions are valid for foreign citizens of Bulgarian origin, long-lasting or resident in R Bulgaria citizens when they have migrant, humanitarian or right of asylum status and successfully passed Bulgarian language and professional terminology check-up.
The education and training for awarding the educational qualification in clinical specialty of all the above mentioned citizens is conducted on the base of a Contract between three parties: the Medical University – Sofia, the base of practical training and the person who is trained under the following conditions:

1. They know Bulgarian language and professional terminology fluently  in cases under art. 186, paragraph 3, p. 1 of the Health Law.

2. They possess recognized medical professional qualification.

3. Pay a tuition fee to the base of practical training fixed by the healthcare institution.