ECTS at MU-Sofia

ECTS at MU-Sofia

1. The Regulation № 21/30.09.2004 of the Ministry of Education and Science authorized the credit system to be implemented for all the students at the Medical University – Sofia.

2. Each student at the Medical University – Sofia should earn 60 credits per year from:

  • Compulsory courses;
  • Participation in scientific research programs;
  • Authorship of scientific reports;
  • Elective courses (modules).

3. Credits are a digital representation of students’ workload and the learning outcomes of their study. Credits are awarded upon completing and passing the course with minimum grade 3 (Satisfactory) assessed through exams or other forms of evaluation for acquired knowledge and skills according to the education plan.

4. The elective courses are chosen by the students according to their personal interests from a number of optional courses in the curriculum. A minimum of earned credits is mandatory for all students.

5. The elective course training is organized by the Course Supervisor and by the department in authority. The syllabus and schedules for each class are presented to the Dean’s Office in the beginning of the school year.

6. The Head of the Department in authority issues certificates for completion and passing the elective courses. A list of the successful students who have completed the course is sent to the Dean’s Office at the end of the academic year. The course supervisor is responsible for entering the credits in the student’s academic record.

7. The student is awarded credits for participation in scientific research after presenting to the Education Department at the Dean’s Office a copy of an abstract, publication and/or projects accompanied by an official confirmation from the Department or the Project Principal Investigator that the student has been part of the project/research team in the time period.

8. On condition that the student was not awarded with the required credits for the school year, the option is a provisional authentication of the year completion. In this case, the required credits should be obtained in the following year.

9. The students are enrolled in an elective course or a project at the Department in authority. The responsible persons are the Course Supervisor or the Project Principal Investigator.

Description of the institutional grading system:

Local grade Local definition ECTS grade
5Very GoodB
2Poor (Fail)FX