The Doctoral programmes in higher educational institutions and scientific organizations in the Republic of Bulgaria can be full-time, part-time, and self-training basis.

The full-time and self-study basis doctoral programmes are with a period of study three years. Part-time doctoral programmes last four years.

The successful applicants must have completed a Master’s Degree.

Education in the Doctoral Degree Programmes is organized according to subject areas. According to the Higher Education Act, Doctoral Studies can be completed only in specialties that have received assessment at “Very good” during the accreditation procedure.

Full-time and part-time PhD students’ competition is announced annually by Rector’s order, approved by a decree of the Council of Ministers, published in the Official State Gazette and on the website of the university.

Candidates submit a set of application documents to the scientific departments at the faculties.

The admission of PhD students on a self-study basis is without any examination during the whole academic year.

The Candidates submits to the Head of the department his/her PhD thesis in its main part and bibliography in order to be discussed.

Discussion is held during the Council of Department meeting where positive or negative decision is taken on the presented project by open ballot.

When the decision taken by the Council of Department is positive, the Head of the department writes a report to the Dean of the Faculty about the PhD student’s enrollment on a self-study basis. For discussion and voting by Faculty Council, the candidate should submit a set of documents to the Scientific Department at the Faculty. After positive decision of the Faculty Council, the Rector of MU-Sofia issues an order for the PhD student’s enrollment.