General Assembly



The General Assembly is a supreme administration body. The General Assembly has 400 members and includes representatives of the academic staff, regular PhD students, students and administrative staff.

The General Assembly has the following powers:
1. It adopts and changes the Medical University-Sofia organization and activity rules
2. It elects a Chairman and Vice-Chairman during its term.
3. It confirms the policy, the main directions and priorities of University development and the activity plan.
4. It elects the Rector of the Medical University-Sofia
5. It determines the structure and the number of the Academic Council.
6. It determines the number and the members of the Control Council and elects for its term a chairman, vice-chairman and members of the Control Council.
7. It discusses and adopts the annual Rector’s report about the University state
8. It discusses and passes the annual report of the Control Council.
9. It changes and/or nullifies decisions of the Academic Council and Rector.