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Health Insurance must cover all the medical costs for the entire period of stay and it is better to have such document issued by the home country. The case is the same with the accident and third party liability insurance during educational activities in the university buildings, transfers to and from the university and during excursions approved or organized by the university.
United telephone number for emergency situations: 112
Traffic accidents: 165
Anti-fire Department: 160

Currency exchange and banks

The Bulgarian currency is called Lev (pl. Leva) which equals 100 stotinki. One Euro is equal to about 1, 95 Leva. Use the ATM machines at Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 to exchange money. If you need to exchange money at the airport change bureau we advise you to exchange a small amount that would cover only basic expenditures as the exchange rate there is substantially higher than in the city.

Public Holidays

1st January – New Year’s Eve; 3rd March – Liberation Day; 1st May – Labor Day; 6th May – St. George’s Day; 24th May – Day of the Slavonic Alphabet and Bulgarian Culture; 6
th September – Unification Day; 22nd September – Independence Day; 24-25th December – Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Student’s life

Erasmus Student Network Bulgaria (ESN Bulgaria) is a non-profit international students’ organization. Their mission is to represent international students, thus providing opportunities for cultural understanding and self- development under the principle of students helping students. For details visit site: http://esnbg.org
The Association of medical students in Bulgaria /AMSB/ – www.amsb-sofia.org is organization of the medical students from the whole country. You can contact Hristo Iliev – hilievbg@gmail.com tel.: 0894702943 or Monika Gancheva – monika_galinova_g@abv.bg, tel.: 0894622171 for assistance. AMSB is a full member of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association. Every year there is a Congress of medical sciences (www. icmsbg.org) which is the leading and most important academic event for students and young doctors.
The Students’ Council of Medical University organizes students travel and participation in international, meetings, congresses, training and science sessions. You can contact them at: ss.musofia@abv.bg or: Iman Kadiova (Faculty of Medicine) – imi_k@abv.bg , tel.: 0899 849 454, Diyan Ganev (Faculty of Medicine) – diyan.p.ganev@gmail.com , tel.: 0885 776 888, Simeon Simeonov (Faculty of Dental Medicine) – dmdsimeonov@gmail.com 0888 030 535, Yanitsa Rusenova (Faculty of Pharmacy) – qrusenova@gmail.com ,tel.:0888 030 535, Zornitsa Vulcheva (Faculty of Public Health)– zvulcheva@abv.bg , tel.: 0887 253 759; 

European Youth Card

This is a card for young people from 16 till 29 years old who can achieve low cost preferable services for travel – by bus and by plane, accommodation at hotels, hostels and insurance services, museums, cultural and historical sites, galleries, cinemas, theaters. All EYC are valid for 1 (one) year after issuing. The documents needed for EYC are: ID, or International Passport and one photo. The price is 15 Leva. These cards can be issued by Usit Colors: Studentski grad Municipality, “8 December Str. № 25 (opposite
the Polyclinic); “Vassil Levski” Blvd. № 35 – Sofia (center); 

Transport facilities

The public transport in Sofia is relatively good organized. One ticket costs 1,60 Leva. You can use student reduced cards that are at a reasonable price – 21,50 Leva/month for all lines and types of transport or 9 Leva for one line. If you don’t have a passport size photo which is needed, you may go to the photo-shop on 12 “Shipka”Str. which is nearby the Sofia University – “St. Kliment Ohridski”. The Transport Office for issuing such cards is in the subway in front of the Sofia University. The Erasmus+ Office will give you a letter to certify that you are an Erasmus student at MU-Sofia. The letter should be delivered at the Transport Office along with your ID card/Passport and one photo.
As the University is situated in the central part of the city the students can travel by buses to the campus:
number 94, 102, 280 and mini-buses number: 7, 8 , 27, 5. Taxies are an option also after midnight: Yellow 333 taxi, “OK taxi, Sofia taxi”. Be aware of the information written on the front glass and side doors of the car! The price should not exceed 1 BGN/km.


The International Teacher Identity Card is the only worldwide recognized document certifying the status of a teacher.

The ITIC card is the key to affordable online shopping, travel abroad with guaranteed discounts on transportation, lodging, museum visits, conferences and attractions. Holders of an ITIC card can benefit from thousands of specially negotiated preferences in Bulgaria in a wide variety of fields: shopping, concerts and theaters, sports, health and beauty, services, computers and communications, and more. ITIC cards are issued and distributed under the auspices of UNESCO.


  • Internationally recognized teaching status certificate worldwide;
  • Access to online shopping preferences – use it via the free MyISIC mobile application;
  • Preferences in Bulgaria – over 1000 preferences in Bulgaria in various fields: entertainment, shopping, eating and drinking, sports, beauty and health, computers and communications, etc .;
  • Preferences abroad – discounts in around 40,000 sites around the world: museums, cultural and historical sites, galleries, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, restaurants and more.

Requirements to the holder  | order online


ITIC is suitable for:

  • Teachers of full-time at a higher, secondary or primary school, or
  • Lecturers on employment contract.

Card validity and price:

  • ITIC cards are valid for one academic year;
  • Price – 24lv. one-time issue fee. + 4lv Delivery (free shipping in April 2020).

More information


You can order your Standard International Teacher Identity Card online and receive it in April with free delivery to your specified address within 3 business days.