Starting at the beginning of 2023, Medical University – Sofia has undertaken the implementation of its Strategic Research and Development Innovation Program. The program will last four years and is funded by the European Union through the NextGenerationEU instrument under the Bulgarian National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Within the framework of the project, the scientific research of 20 scientific groups of leading scientists from the university, as well as two researchers from abroad, is financed.
The implementation of the program will support research in all 8 strategic areas of the University. Emphasis is placed on those that largely shape the University’s image at the international level.
These are as follows: Infectious diseases and Immunology; Pharmacy and evaluation of new health technologies; Neuroscience and mental health; Dental Medicine; Molecular and personalized medicine; Devices, technologies and digital solutions in healthcare; Reproductive and regenerative medicine; Environmental and social health determinants.

The Medical University – Sofia’s strategic vision is to solidify its position as an internationally recognizable higher institution that fosters excellent research in line with the current world’s medical challenges and the needs of the Bulgarian population.

The implementation of the overall objectives will be facilitated by launching a competitive call for proposals. Support will be given to projects in scientific areas that are both strategic for the University and have the potential for technological transfer. In this way, the relationship between industry and science is supported and prerequisites are created to develop partnership relations between the university and business.

Medical University – Sofia as a research university implements its Strategic Program under Bulgarian National Recovery and Resilience Plan, Component „Innovative Bulgaria“, Investment 1 „Program to accelerate economic recovery and transformation through science and innovation“ with a budget of total BGN 44,000,000.00 and duration until June 2026.


A designated new administrative unit is established – Research University, to facilitate the implementation of the Strategic program. It consists of (1) a Management Committee responsible for the overall management of the program daily and (2) an Advisory Board, which monitors the program implementation and decides on corrective actions in case of deviation from the objectives. The research is carried out by research groups that consist of investigators and/or clinicians who maintain affiliation with the relevant medical institutions and MU – Sofia faculties.






Indicators for the implementation of the Strategic Program of the Medical University – Sofia:

The publications in this section are financed by the European Union-NextGenerationEU, through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan of the Republic of Bulgaria, project № BG-RRP-2.004-0004-C01.