Faculty of Public Health at MU-Sofia already bears the name of Prof. Tzekomir Vodenicharov

In connection with the 25th anniversary of our Faculty of Public Health and especially for the significant contributions of Prof. Dr. Tzekomir Vodenitcharov, MD to the development of the medical science and to the establishment of the departments in the Faculty of Public health within the system of higher education in the Republic of Bulgaria, under Decision of the Academic Council at MU-Sofia as of 26.10.2020 the Faculty of Public Health is given the name Faculty of Public Health “Prof. Dr. Tzekomir Vodenicharov, MD.

The Faculty of Public Health is the youngest, but the most dynamically developing unit within the structure of the Medical University – Sofia.

It all started with the idea, the concept, and the dream of Prof. Dr. Tzekomir Vodenitcharov, MD, who managed to make his vision a reality thanks to his creative way of thinking and contacts.

For the past years the Faculty of Public Health has proved that it is a Bulgarian project of European importance. It is a modern university formation for introducing students and graduates in the specific health science management – public health management.

The founder and longtime Dean of the Faculty of Public Health prof. Vodenitcharov shares in his book “10 Principles of the Medical Doctor and the Manager and” the know-how about building the academic structure of the Faculty from its grounds until it gets its undeniable place and authority, established itself as a leader of the change:

“What is actually the Faculty of Public Health: an idea of a product, but also a hub to create ideas. It is the emanation of an idea, but also its institutionalization. As a generator of ideas, the Faculty of Public Health is directly interested in their materialization. That is why it is necessary to be in close relations with politics (parties, organizations, institutions) and businesses (private structures, entrepreneurs, managers). Therefore, there must be a long-term anticipatory vision and carefully selected allies. “

Prof. Dr. Tzekomir Vodenicharov, MD is the winner of the following major awards:       

  • To the Republic of Bulgaria “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” necklace
  • An honorary badge of the city ​​of Sofia                   
  • MH Gold Medal and honored sign                              
  • An honorary sign of the city ​​of Rousse                       
  • To MU – Sofia               Aesculapius (twice)
  • To MU – Plovdiv          Doctor Honoris Causa
  • To TU – Rousse             Crystal sign