1. The Medical University-Sofia is the oldest and biggest Medical University in Bulgaria. It has a 96 – year history, rich experience and traditions in the education of Bulgarian and foreign students. It is a State University accredited by the Evaluation and Accreditation National Agency of the Republic of Bulgaria.

2. The students graduated from the Medical University-Sofia receive a European diploma supplement, which makes certain that the diplomas are recognized in the European Union and the European Economic Area.

3. The University has four faculties: of Medicine, of Dental Medicine, of Pharmacy, of Public Health, a branch in Vratsa and a College of Medicine.

4. The Medical University-Sofia educates its students for the following degrees: Professional Bachelor, Bachelor, Master and Doctor for all professions and subjects.

5. The University has always been in the first position in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science official rating on all professional fields – medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, public health and healthcare.

6. The University has had rich traditions of offering English courses   for 15 years  in medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, public health and health management, healthcare management, in the courses for nurses, midwifes  and other specialties in the College of Medicine.

7. The tuition fees for the foreign students are among the lowest in Europe.

8. The University offers hostels for all its students in double rooms at 50 Euro per month approximately/included are: electricity, water, central heating, guard bills./

9. The food in the Medical University-Sofia canteens is about 3 Euro per day /lunch and dinner/.

10. The Socrates and Erasmus programs are introduced into the University and exchange of students and lecturers is carried out with other European universities.

11. The Medical University-Sofia uses the European Credit Transfer System /ECTS/, that allows a wide mobility of students.

12. The Medical University-Sofia organizes every year for its students winter and summer camps in the mountains and on the seaside.

13. Our students have at their disposal the biggest and best multi-faceted hospitals for practical training.

14. The educational process at the University is carried out by high skilled staff: 1472 lecturers: Academicians, Corresponding members, Professors, Associate Professors and Assistants.

15. Our University is an indisputable leader in the field of medico-biological output.

16. Over 7100 students including 2400 foreign students from 58 countries are studying at the Medical University-Sofia

17. The Medical University-Sofia has an exported education /Franchise/ in several European countries.

18. The University is situated in the centre of Sofia with excellent transport links.

19. The Medical University-Sofia   takes care of its graduates through the Career development centre, which helps them for finding jobs.