RECTOR’S MESSAGE OF CONGRATULATION ON THE OCCASION OF MAY 24th – The Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture and of the Slavonic Script


On my behalf and on behalf of the Management of Medical University – Sofia, accept our official congratulations on the occasion of May 24th – the Day of Bulgarian education and Culture and of the Slavonic script.

This is the day on which we pay our respect to the equal-to-the-apostles Cyril and Methodius.

Dear teachers, I am convinced that we will all continue to preserve what they have bequeathed and will nurture the eternal desire to master knowledge, and the ongoing progress forward. Do not stop awakening the consciousness of the young generation.

Dear students, few nations can be proud of having their own script. Take good care of it! Develop your talents and skills, stand up with a fighting spirit and be imaginative.
Let us celebrate the day of the Slavonic alphabet to show the world what we are distinguished by and what we are proud of.