10 Russian students completed an internship at MU-Sofia

The internship of 10 Russian students in the clinical bases of Medical University – Sofia ended with an official meeting with the Rector, Prof. Lachezar Traykov. The young medics gave him a picture with a view of the city of Samara as a souvenir, and he handed them the certificates for a summer internship and wished them success in the noble profession they have chosen.

This year, for the first time, students from Samara State Medical University took part in the exchange visit to MU-Sofia. This is due to the fruitful joint work of the teams from the international departments of our university and the one in Samara. For the third time we welcomed interns from the First Moscow State Medical University. The exchange with the two universities currently covers two areas – “Medicine” and “Dental Medicine”, and efforts are aimed at expanding the program and increasing the exchange not only of students but also of teachers.

During their two-week visit to the university hospitals, the medical students had the opportunity to observe the work of some of the best medical teams in our country. They visited the cardiology clinic of UMHAT “Alexandrovska”, the departments of cardiac surgery of UMHAT “St. Ekaterina ”, the clinics of plastic surgery and neurosurgery of UMBALSM“ Pirogov ”.

The robotic high-tech system for specialized oncological operations “Da Vinci” was demonstrated to the students in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic of UOGH “Mother’s Home”. In addition to the hospitals, the students visited some departments of the Medical Faculty.

In October, MU-Sofia will welcome 10 more dental students from the two Russian universities. At the moment, on a visit to Russia there are 10 of our students majoring in Medicine and 4 students majoring in Dental Medicine, and the Student Council has taken a significant part of funding to make this exchange possible.