The Department of Physiology of the Faculty of Medicine has solemnly celebrated its 100th anniversary since its creation on December 7th in II audience “Prof. Dr. Nacho Nachev ”at the Medico-Biological Complex

The Department of Physiology is one of the oldest in the Faculty of Medicine. It was established in 1918, almost simultaneously with the formation of the faculty. One of the distinguished leaders of the department is Academician Dimitar Orahovac, a scientist with worldwide recognition, who laid the foundations of modern physiological sciences in Bulgaria, a brilliant teacher and experimenter.

The head of the Department of Physiology, Prof. Dr. Radoslav Gurchev, DSc., made a short speech in which he introduced the audience to the history of the department, the scientific directions developed over the years, the achievements in the experimental activity and the education of the students at the Medical University, as well as the numerous circulars.

Rector of the Medical University – Sofia Prof. Dr. Victor Zlatkov, Rector of the Medical University – Plovdiv Art. Prof. Stefan Kostianev, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, MU-Sofia, corresponding member, Prof. Ivan Mitov, deans of the faculties of the Medical University-Sofia, guests from Bulgarian Academy of Science, Medical Universities in Plovdiv, Varna, Pleven, Trakia University-Stara Zagora, National Sports Academy, Sofia University, by heads of departments of the Faculty of Medicine, by the Bulgarian Physiological Society.

«The Department of Physiology plays a major role in the education of students in medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, as well as the development of personnel in the field of physiology for Medical University – Sofia, the country and abroad. The members of the Department teach with professionalism, dedication and striving for high goals”, said the Rector of the university Professor Victor Zlatkov in his welcome speech. “I am sure that, as before, you will continue to pass on your wisdom, experience and knowledge to young colleagues with dedication and love.”

Honorary plaques “100 Years of the Department of Physiology” were presented by Prof. Girchev to the Rector of the Medical University-Sofia, to the Rector of the Medical University – Plovdiv, to the Dean of the Medical Faculty, MU-Sofia, to the Director of the Institute of Neurobiology – BAS, and to the heads of the departments of physiology in Plovdiv, Varna, Pleven, Stara Zagora, whose foundations are laid by associates of the oldest physiology department in Bulgaria.

The festive celebration ended with a poetry and music program with verses by four physiologists from the Department – Assoc. Prof. Stefa Belcheva, Dr. Dimitar Mihov, Dr. Nikolay Stoynev and Dr. Gina Dundova-Pancheva and performances by the violin duo Angel Stankioff-Yov.