226 graduates of Medical College of Medical University-Sofia tоок the path of health care professionals

The graduation ceremony of the 226 graduates of Yordanka Filaretova Medical College at the Medical University – Sofia was held on December 19 at UАCG Maxima Aula Maxima.

The graduates are from 8 specialties – Assistant Pharmacist, Rehabilitation, X-ray Laboratory, Medical Laboratory Assistant, Medical Cosmetics, Public Health Inspector, Visually Impaired Massage Therapist and Dentist . They have successfully completed the entire training course, and on that day have deservedly received their Bachelor’s Degrees in order to move forward and become healthcare professionals in this difficult, responsible and humane field.

To honor the work done by the graduates and their teachers over the last 3 years, the ceremony was attended by Prof. Dr. Victor Zlatkov – Rector of the Medical University – Sofia, Mr. Doncho Barbalov – Deputy Mayor in the Sofia Municipal Health Department , the President of BAPZG Mrs. Milka Vassileva and Dr. Assen Medzhidiev, Chairman of the Metropolitan College of the Bulgarian National Radio.

There were still deputies in the hall. the Vice- rector of the Medical University – Sofia – Prof. Valentina Petkova, Ph.D. and Prof. Dr. Tihomira Zlatanova, deans and deputy deans of the faculties of the Medical University – Sofia, professors and employees at the Medical University – Sofia, directors of medical colleges in the country, heads of prestigious health establishments, which provide practical training for students, representatives of various branch organizations in the field of healthcare, parents and relatives of graduates, colleagues and friends.

Prof. Zaharina Savova (Director of Yordanka Filaretova College of Medicine) congratulated the new graduates and wished them warmest wishes for their future professional realization.