340 graduates of the 2019 Faculty of Public Health graduation received their diplomas

At the ceremony, 340 graduates of the 2019 Faculty of Public Health graduation at the Medical University-Sofia received their diplomas.

The official ceremony took place on December 12 at the Maxima Aula of the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, and the official guests were the rector of MU-Sofia, Prof. Dr. Victor Zlatkov, Deputy Mayor of the Sofia Municipality for Healthcare Mr. Doncho Barbalov, the founder of the Faculty of Public Health – Prof. Tzekomir Vodenicharov, the chairman of BAPHC, Mrs. Milka Vasileva, and Dr. Assen Medzhidiev, chairman of the Municipal Collegium of Bulgarian Union of Medical Doctors.

Prof. Magdalena Alexandrova opened the ceremony. She greeted the young people by making a flashback to their journey. Wishing them health and successful professional realization, she emphasized that the Faculty of Public Health will continue to be their academic and professional support, and the good name of Medical University – Sofia is based not only on the high quality of teaching, but also on the achievements of its graduates.

In his academic speech, the rector of MU-Sofia, Prof. Dr. Victor Zlatkov, stated: “Each year the teaching community welcomes one new generation and sends another. Years have built the longevity and traditions of our Alma Mater. Did we teach you everything you need for your profession? I want to believe that the coming years will keep in your soul appreciation for your teachers and the institution of MU-Sofia.

On this solemn day, do not forget the efforts of your parents  who have sacrificed time, money and energy to support you in your chosen professional career. They see your dreams and their dreams come true.”

Finally, he recalled that: “Vita brevis, art longa – Life is short, the art of medicine is forever.”

Graduates in Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Public Health and Health Management, Nursing, Midwifery, Physician’s Assistant, Kinesitherapy, Occupational Medicine, and Strategic Management of Pharmaceutical Activity received their diplomas from the rector Prof. Dr. Victor Zlatkov, the Dean of the Faculty Prof. Magdalena Alexandrova and Prof. Dr. Tzekomir Vodenicharov