3rd HTx General Assembly

The 3rd HTx General Assembly took place online between 24th – 25th March, with the attendance of all HTx consortium partners.

The program started with an overview of HTx’s second year and the impact of COVID-19 on the project from the coordinator, Wim Goettsch (University of Utrecht), followed by breakout sessions. These sessions were followed by presentations on the work package achievements and further breakout sessions on Statistical methods and Patient Centricity within HTx.

During the two-day event, work package leaders and case study holders had an allocated timeslot to update all the attendants about the progress and challenges. Once again, PhD students involved within the HTx had the chance to present and receive feedback on their work in a series of Flash talks.

The team of the MU Sofia was included in the presentation of the Case study 2 (The use of lifestyle interventions, medical devices, and e-health technologies in T1DM and T2DM), as well as in the discussion on the transferability of HTA evaluation in different health care settings.

Detailed information about the Assembly and presentations HERE

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