акад.Трайков открива срещата на 11 изследователски института от 12 държави в София

Academic Traikov opened the meeting of the 12 European universities under the “Alliance4Life” project

Medical University – Sofia is hosting an international meeting with representatives of 12 leading universities and institutes from 11 countries, from Central and Eastern Europe, where ways to improve research activity will be discussed. The meeting is part of the “Alliance for Life Sciences: From Strategies to Actions in Central and Eastern Europe” project, under the “Horizon Europe” Program. “Training and improving skills in project management, the implementation of strategic partnerships and scientific funding are key in achieving our ultimate common goal: increasing the quality of scientific activity and achieving better results”, with these words of the Rector Academic Lachezar Traikov welcomed all the participants and opened the conference at an official ceremony in the “Maxima” hall of UMBAL “Prof. Dr. Alexander Chirkov”.

Guests at the round table, organized on the first day of the event, were representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science, the academic staff of the MU – Sofia, as well as research institutions from Central and Eastern Europe. At it, the partners in the consortium discussed the possibilities for joint work, with the aim of increasing the quality of research and project activity. The goal of the “Alliance for Life Science” project is to raise the level of professional administration and implementation of scientific research projects. Within the framework of the event, lectures are scheduled to improve the career policy, by training and building networks of next generation leaders, modernizing the institutional career systems and increasing the competences of technology transfer specialists.