On the eve of the  National Awakeners Day, on October 29, 2019, a grand ceremony for the award of the SIGNUM LAUDIS PRO SCIENTIAE MERITIS AWARD for the most successful scientific development, funded by the Medical University of Sofia through the competitions “Grant’2016” and “Grant’2017” and the Certificate for the most successful scientific development of doctoral students, funded by the University of Sofia through the competitions “Young researcher’2016” and “Young researcher’2017”.

The ceremony was opened by the Deputy Rector for Science and Accreditation of the Medical University – Sofia University, Prof. Valentina Petkova, who gave the welcome speech to the official guest of the ceremony, Deputy Minister of Education and Science Mrs. Denitsa Sacheva. Mrs. Sacheva congratulated the teaching staff and the students of MU-Sofia for the holiday, emphasizing the role of the people who build the education system in the country and noted the role of MU-Sofia for the high quality of medical education. A congratulatory address was also read on behalf of the Chairman of the Bulgarian Academy of Science, academician Julian Revalski.

Academic greeting on behalf of the management of the Medical University – Sofia was presented by the University rector Prof. Dr. Zlatkov. In his speech, the rector recalled the history and traditions of the holiday. He noted that “… The National Awakeners Day is a holiday that expresses the need for people in already liberated Bulgaria to honor the memory of their great revivalists, to remember their deeds and their contribution and to build the character of the heroes. This holiday is dedicated to the work of the scribes, enlighteners and fighters for national liberation who have preserved the spiritual values of our nation for centuries. “

In the end, he recalled the significant gesture of University graduate Dr. Andrei Georgiev, an immigrant to the United States, who bequeathed more than $ 5 million for the education of Bulgarian students at universities in Bulgaria, Europe and America.

The ceremony continued with the awarding of the awards in the individual categories. Prof. Petkova announces the first prize project in the MEDICAL, MEDICAL-BIOLOGICAL SCIENTIFIC PROJECT region, which received a PLACE, CERTIFICATE and MONEY AWARD of 2000 BGN. Funding at the MU – Sofia for the period 2016 – 2017, Grant’2016 and Grant’2017 competitions received PROF. Dr. SLAVINA SURCHEVA, MD, MD, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, lead researcher under Contract No. 7/2016, for the financing of Project № 393 / 19.01.2016. 2017 It was presented by Prof. Dr. Irina Nikolova.

The second award-winning project in the field MEDICINE, MEDICAL-CLINICAL scientific field was presented by Prof. Sabina Zaharieva, who introduced the project to the Dr. GRETA GROZEVA-DAMYANOVA, DM – Faculty of Medicine, Department of Endocrinology, lead researcher under Contract No. 87/2016 for the financing of Project No. 419 / 19.01.2016, Grant Grant-2016 for the period 2016- 2017 Dr. Damyanova received a plaque, a certificate and a cash prize of 2000 BGN.

Assoc. prof. RENETA GEVRENOVA, Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacognosy, Botany Section, Leading Investigator under CONTRACT No. 41/2016, for project financing with incl. No. 405 / 19.01.2016, the GRANT-2016 competition for the period 2016-2017 is the third to win a plaque, certificate and a monetary award of 2000 BGN in the Pharmacy district.