By order of the Minister of Health, May examination session for the acquisition of a specialty is postponed

Today, the Health Minister Kiril Ananiev issued an order (№РД-01-189/09.04.2020г.) on the grounds of Art. 63, para. 1 and Art. 179, para. 1 of the Health Act in connection with the announced state of emergency by Decision of 13.03.2020 of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria and the implementation of anti-epidemic measures throughout the country related to the spread of COVID-19, as prescribed thereto.

The order states that:

I. May 2020 exam session on the state examination for a specialty in accordance with Ordinance No 1 of 2015 to acquire a specialty in the healthcare system is being postponed.  

II. The state examination for the specialty of post-graduates who have been admitted to the May examination session of 2020 should be organized and conducted within two months after the state of emergency is lifted in the country.

III. Rights deriving from the recognized specialty for the post-graduates who have passed the state examination for acquiring a specialty under item II shall be recognized from the date of issue of the certificate, but not later than one month after the successful passing of the state examination.

IV. This order may be modified depending on the development of the epidemic situation in the country.