Recognizing the importance of research in the fight against coronaviruses and in finding solutions to pandemic-related problems in different areas of life, the EC of NRF ( Fond Nauchni Izsledvania )   discussed the possibility of preparing a thematic competition concerning  the coronavirus pandemic, as well as potential similar future challenges. The NRF has also been  invited to participate in international and / or bilateral competitions on such topics by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and proposals from other national funding organizations are pending. These competitions will be announced when additional funding is provided to the Fund for 2020.

Proposals should focus on the following topics:

• study of medical and biological problems related to the virus, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of COVID-19  patients, including the development of candidate therapists and vaccines;

• epidemiological studies (including using information technology) to predict, monitor and prevent COVID-19 and other high-risk viral diseases and to build effective mechanisms for their prevention or restriction with minimal impact on society and the economy;

• study of social, psychological, legal, cultural, educational. ethical and other aspects of restrictions imposed in different countries to limit the spread of the virus, as well as measures to rebuild the economy and overcome the social and financial consequences of the pandemic and the restrictions imposed on it.

In this regard, the NSF invites Bulgarian scientific teams and organizations to declare interest  in participating in these potential competitions by 27 April 2020, presenting:

1. Research topic

2. Short summary (up to 900 characters)

3. Basic organization and partners (if applicable)

4. Potential leader and key members of the research team

5. Scientific competence of the team

6. For bilateral competition (if applicable) – a potential partner from China or another country

7. E-mail mail and phone number

The information should be sent by e-mail to the following address: