Congratulatory Message from the Mayor of Sofia Mrs.Yordanka Fandakova on the occasion of the 24th May

Dear Teachers and Students,

Happy May 24 – Day of Bulgarian spirituality and education.
Today we honor knowledge, culture and creative power. We bow to the immortal work of our first teachers – the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius, lighting the eternal fire of knowledge first in the hearts of their students, and then – in all of us. There is no doubt that their writings are our innermost essence, our spiritual code for centuries.

Accept my wishes for health and strength in these days of trials. I am convinced that together we have managed to preserve in these months the power of spirituality, the fire of knowledge and the development of science. There is no test of the power of the spirit that can darken the eternal work of the Bulgarian first teachers.

Happy holiday!
Yordanka Fandakova, Mayor of Sofia