Current topics and publications of Euroguidance Bulgaria for 2019

The European Commission’s analysis of a recent international study on career guidance throughout life – policies and practices in the European Union, focuses on trends, challenges and opportunities in the sector.

Lifelong career guidance aims to provide support for the professional development of people of all ages and at all stages of their careers.

This includes career information, advice, counseling, skills assessment and mentoring. The full text of the study can be found at the following LINK

In 2019, Euroguidance Bulgaria organized a national competition for presenting success stories as a result of career counseling and orientation in Bulgaria.

The competition aims to collect, distinguish and promote success stories as a result of various forms of career counseling in educational institutions, career centers or centers for information and career guidance. The first three excellent practices were shot in a video, which you can see at the following LINK

The video will be adapted with English subtitles and promoted through the website of the network:

More interesting materials on shared good practices in career guidance in Bulgaria:

  1. Analysis of the results of a survey conducted among career counselors ;
  2. Brochure for the career guidance system in Bulgaria in Bulgarian and English ;
  3. A Tale of Career Counselors “The Cricket and the Ant” ;