онагледяване на сигурността

EC launches online consultation on research security

Openness and international cooperation are key to world-class research. However, with
geopolitical tensions rising, researchers and academics increasingly face risks when
collaborating globally.
It is therefore vital that European research organizations, both public and private, are
supported to address these risks by ensuring that research and innovation are not misused in
ways that affect our security or breach ethical norms . There is a need to increase research
security by raising awareness and building resilience among researchers across Europe.

As part of the European Economic Security Strategy, the European Commission plans to
propose a research security initiative in early 2024, preserving the main pillars of our
academic world – protecting academic freedom, maintaining research integrity and
guaranteeing autonomy of the institutions.
The online consultation is open for comments until 6 January 2024.
More information can be found HERE