The EU has accepted an unprecedented € 26 billion budget for the Erasmus+ programme to support a speedy recovery and an increased inclusion in mobilit

Medical University – Sofia welcomes the accepted new long-term EU budget for the period 2021-2027, according to which the two emblematic programs for modernization, innovation and science in higher education, Erasmus + and Horizon Europe, become “key priorities” for financial support and further development.

БThe budget of the Erasmus + programme for 2021-2027 is 26 billion euros, respectively 83% are for activities “teaching and learning”, 10.3% are for “youth” and 1.9% are for activities related to sports events and qualifications. Despite the existing restricted student and lecturers mobility in the present global epidemiological crisis, EU leaders have sent clear signals to higher education institutions that the goal is to fully restore mobility and to foster “involving” more and more young people in educational activities without borders. Supporting European and international mobility in the field of higher education will restore the reduced volumes of traveling students and teachers, while the financial levers of the Horizon Europe programme (with a budget of 84.9 billion euros) will support research and continuing professional development and exchange of good practices of young scientists and lecturers.