European Scientists Night at MU-Sofia-2019

For the third consecutive year, Medical University – Sofia has opened its doors on Scientists Night. The Center for Molecular Medicine and the Department of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Faculty of Medicine, MU-Sofia, hosted and organized the program with various events for children and adults.

The young scientists were introduced to the latest technologies for reading the secrets of our genes, as well as the possibility to study simultaneously any changes in our genome, proteome and metabolism.

In the fun quiz, the winners were surprisingly not only students and students, but also people with a wide variety of professions such as journalist, auditor, computer specialist.

More than 100 visitors of all ages enjoyed the opportunity to visit and view the most up-to-date scientific laboratories for genetic, metabolic and cellular research in Bulgaria. Most were students from metropolitan schools attracted by life sciences.

Young scientists and PhD students have demonstrated technologies for microarray analysis, next generation sequencing, metabolomic and metabolic studies, tissue cultivation and in vitro studies.

The most fun was in the special playground. The individual program and activities with children included drawing and modeling for children and parents of cells and DNA. Looking through a microscope, colored flasks with flammable liquids, and fun modeling of cells and DNA molecules were of great interest. All children received special gifts and certificates.

At REFRESH Café “Biobanks – the best investment for our future” Prof. Kaneva introduced the role of biobanks to the development of science and personalized medicine, as well as the participation of the Medical University – Sofia and the Center for Molecular Medicine in the European Infrastructure biobanking – BBMRI-ERIC. Many people have shown interest in donating biological material and participating in research as volunteers.

The European Night of Scientists at MU – Sofia has become a tradition, an interesting and exciting experience for the young and the great, who have embarked on the long and fascinating journey to the science of life.

We thank all our students – volunteers from the Faculty of Medicine who participated in the organization of the event.

The REFRESH (Relate, Experience, Find Research Everywhere and Share) project for European Scientists’ Night in Bulgaria is funded by the European Commission for the activities of Maria Skłodowska-Curie, contract 818879.