On the eve of May 24 and June 2, a number of distinguished professors at the Medical University – Sofia received significant honors.

Firstly, at the suggestion of the Academic Council of Medical University – Varna , Prof. Dr. Gencho Krastev Nachev, Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery and Angiology of the MF at MU-Sofia, Chairman of the Bulgarian Society of Cardiac Surgery and National Consultant on Cardiac Surgery, and Executive Director of the University Hospital “St. Catherine-Sofia, was awarded the honorary title of DoctorHonorisCausa of the Medical University Varna for outstanding services in the establishment and development of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery and Angiology, Medical University – Varna and the Cardiac Surgery Clinic of the University Hospital St Marina “- Varna.

For the 11th consecutive year, the Ministry of Education and Science has honored scientists with the Pythagoras Prize, which have made a significant contribution to the development of Bulgarian science. Most distinguished from the Medical University, Sofia – four scientists as follows

– Prof. Dr. Elisaveta Yordanova Naumova – Grigorova, Head of the Department of Clinical Immunology at the Medical Faculty of the Medical University – Sofia, the scientific team with the most successful exploitation and commercialization of the scientific results.

For well-established scientists in the health and medical sciences:

Prof. Dr. Nadka Ivanova Boyadzhieva, Long-time Head of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology Medical University – Sofia

Prof. Dr. Nikolay Elenkov Lazarov, Head of Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Medical University-Sofia.

– Acad. Prof. Dr. Lachezar Dinchov Trajkov, Head of the Department of Neurology, for the most successful manager of international projects.

Traditionally, a formal session of the Municipal Council is held in Vratsa Day, at which Professor Penka Angelova Marinova, long-time director of the Vratsa branch of the Medical University – Sofia, was honored with the title of Honorary Citizen in 2019 for her contribution to promoting of Vratsa as an educational and academic center.