Още една придобивка за студентите откри в края на мандата си настоящото ръководство на Медицински университет -София. Ректорът проф. Вкитор Златков заедно с изпълняващия длъжността областен управител Мирослав Комитски и директора на филиал – Враца “Проф. Д-р Иван Митев” доц. Павлинка Добрилова, прерязаха лентата на изцяло реновираното студентско общежитие.

All repair works and the purchase of equipment were carried out with the university’s own funds in the amount of nearly BGN 2 million. The total built-up area of the four-storey building, intended for educational boarding houses, is 616 sq. m., and each room is provided with two beds, its own bathroom, hot water and heating. On each floor there is a kitchen office, a dining room and a computer room. A total of 120 students of the branch will be able to live in the boarding house, which offers modern conditions. The building of the former Auxiliary School in Vratsa, as a public state property, was provided free of charge to be managed by Medical University – Sofia, Branch – Vratsa under Decision of the Council of Ministers.

“I am proud to note that today the youngest member of our academic family – Branch – Vratsa at the Medical University – Sofia receives a finished look of its material and technical base. All the possibilities of the modern furniture and equipment have been invested and this is what makes the Branch “Prof. Dr. Ivan Mitev “- Vratsa a leading branch in the country. This is evident from the high accreditation, proof that there is no better university for training in the field of health care in Bulgaria than the Medical University. We have achieved a lot, precisely because we have a huge potential of students and nearly 1500 teachers,” said in his speech the Rector of MU-Sofia Prof. Dr. Victor Zlatkov, MD.

Assoc. Prof. Pavlinka Dobrilova expressed hope that those modern living conditions will motivate more and more young people from the country to choose to study at the branch in Vratsa, which along with the highly qualified teachers and good health care training, has now excellent conditions for accommodation. In her speech, she stressed that the opening of the dormitory building is proof of good synergy between the management of the Medical University – Sofia, District Administration – Vratsa and the Municipality of Vratsa. On behalf of the academic community and the students, Assoc. Prof. Dobrilova expressed gratitude for the investments made in the material base of the Branch “Prof. Dr. Ivan Mitev ”- Vratsa, which for the last two years came to nearly 5.5 million levs. A year ago the training base of the branch was renovated. The completely modernized and renovated building is used for training students in four specialties, who are then successfully realized in their profession in the medical institutions in the city and the whole region.

His Eminence Metropolitan Gregory of Vratsa offered a prayer for health and prosperity and wished strength and pious deeds to the academic and student community.