Greetings from the Rector of MU-Sofia on the occasion of the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays

Dear colleagues,

Dear students,

According to our old tradition, the days when we send the calendar year away, there comes the time for self-analysis and self-assessment. For all of us, the past months have been filled with challenges, which we, as individuals who are truly dedicated to medicine, have met bravely and with dignity. Personally, each of us has experienced loss and sorrow, but we have also had a number of successful achievements.

These Christmas holidays are filled with light, warmth and love. They give us the hope, inspire us and give us peace in the last minutes before 2021 Year.

We dream of it to be peaceful, calm and graceful, to be filled with new discoveries that could make our lives better and more valuable. We hope that after the ordeal we face, we will triumph with our kindness and humanity, with our generosity and boldness. And we shall try to be more humble and sober in our judgments and expectations.

I wish to all of you and your loved ones good health, because we need it to realize our plans and intentions.

I wish to all of you many shared moments of satisfaction and joy to your achievements.

I wish we all had more time and opportunities to further develop our professional potential; get more patience and understanding from our society; be able to communicate more often and more openly with our colleagues and our students; be able to hug our loved ones more often, enjoy our children’s laughter and the beautiful shared moments of love and affection.

Let us be – in good health, power and dignity – in the New Year of 2021!

Acad. Latchezar Traikov, MD, PhD, DSc.

Rector of Medical University – Sofia