Guidelines of European Commission and Joint Research Center (JRS) for detailed analysis, forecasts and potential Covid-19 lockdown exit strategies

This document supplements information contained in ‘Solidarity with Europe – JRC science to tackle the coronavirus crisis’, (LINK), and it was created to represent the role of JRC as a European institution for monitoring and control of risk, early detection of risk signals and crisis management.

In the current crisis related to the spread of COVID-19, JRC is engaged in the preparation of guidelines and control materials for testing and better characterisation of the pandemic, as well as to provide a detailed analysis of epidemiologic and economic impacts evaluating and anticipating the evolution of this crisis so that it can be managed effectively.

In the attached document you will find information about:

  1. New control materials for accurate COVID-19 testing;
  2. Assisting States to manage their medical response;
  3. Tracking the epidemic and research;
  4. Exit strategies from the crisis;
  5. Monitoring the impact on global travel and the economy