ICM information day was held with a focus to the students and teachers of MU-Sofia who are interested in the opportunities under the program for studies, traineeships and teaching abroad оn February 27th, 2020 at Maxima Hall of Saint Ekaterina University Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment. The event was opened by the Rector of MU-Sofia, Prof. Dr. Victor Zlatkov, DM, who welcomed the participants of the forum and encouraged them to be more active in seeking professional opportunities and involvement in the mobility offered by the program.

Among the official guests were also the Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Prof. Dr. Bozhidar Yordanov, Head of Department of International Integration and Project Funding, Prof. Dr. Radoslav Gurchev, MD, Erasmus + Faculty Coordinators and representatives of the Student’s Council.

For more than 30 years so far, Erasmus + program has created a successful environment for cooperationbetween higher education institutions, providing benefits to millions of young people from all over the world. MU-Sofia has more than 140 existing bilateral agreements with European universities for students and teachers exchange under the program and additionally 4 more non-EU countries, with the tendency to expand the opportunities and increase the number of the partner institutions.

In the discussion panel, after the presentations provided by the experts from the International Department, students had the opportunity to get more information on issues related to the organization and completion of the mobilities, as well as about upcoming EC initiatives.