Initiative of MU-Sofia and the City of Lom for a posthumous state award to the Sponsor Dr. Andrey Georgiev

An initiative committee from the city of Lom and the Academic Council of the Medical University – Sofia have initiated to bestow a posthumous state award to the Sponsor Dr. Andrey Georgiev – an immigrant to the United States, who has bequeathed over $ 5 million for the education of Bulgarian students at universities in Bulgaria, Europe and America.

Sponsorship for education of this magnitude has not been known in Bulgarian history since the time of Evlogi and Hristo Georgievs brothers, and Dimitar Tsenov, who invested millions of gold levs for the establishment of the University of Sofia and the Academy of Economics in the town of Svishtov.

Dr. Andrei Georgiev’s sponsorship is a continuation of the Renaissance traditions for support and uplift of the Bulgarian education and science. In 2018, Dr. Georgiev was nominated Honorary Citizen of Lom and was honored by the National Association of Municipalities as “Municipal Sponsor №1 of Bulgaria”.

“We are convinced that Dr. Georgiev’s contribution outlines him as a patron and national patriot. The funds that he bequeathed to the cause, without any binding clauses, not only provide opportunities to stimulate medical students, but they are a real help for the training of hundreds of Bulgarian young people, “said the communique sent to the Minister of Education and Science.

The initiators asked Minister Krasimir Valchev in pursuance of Art. 11, para. 2 of the Law on Orders and Medals of the Republic of Bulgaria to submit to the Council of Ministers a proposal to the Presidency of the Republic of Bulgaria for awarding Dr. Andrey Georgiev, posthumously with the Order of Cyril and Methodius, for a significant contribution to the development of education and science in Bulgaria.

List of the Lom Initiative Committee:

Vladimir Zarev – Writer, Editor-in-Chief of Contemporary Magazine

Emil Ivanov – Writer

Kamelia Obretenova – Publisher of Lompress newspaper

Dr. Zoya Ivanova – Doctor

Dr. Jordan Ivanov – Doctor

Rumyana Simeonova – Executive Director of Lom Local Initiative Group

Lubomir Lyubenov – Journalist in the Trud newspaper

Loreta Lubenova – Philologist

Valery Stoichkov – Historian

Rescued Delhi – Historian

Dr. Lyudmil Kirilov – Physician, Municipal Councilor

Lyubomir Dimitrov – Philologist, Public Relations – Lom

Encho Davidkov – Associate Professor, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences

Christina Ilieva – Philologist

Yordanka Tushanska – Chief Librarian of NL “Postoyanstvo” Lom

Tsvetanka Knezovska – Librarian of NL “Postoyanstvo” Lom

Bistra Damyanova – Curator of the Lom Museum of History

Daniela Zamfirova – Director of the Lom Museum of History

Teodor Yonchev – Director of NAID “Naiden Gerov” Lom

Daniela Borisova – Deputy Director of NAID “Naiden Gerov” Lom

Maxim Todorov – Artist

Stanislav Tanchev – Notary Public

Daniela Georgieva – Employee at the Lom Regional Police Department

Jasen Yordanov – Assistant Notary Public

Dr. Georgi Savkov – Manager of the Hospital “St. Nicholas the Wonderworker “Lom

Dr. Vitaliy Iliev – Head Department Imaging Diagnostics MBAL Lom

Ginka Ivanova – Deputy Mayor of Lom Municipality

Svetlozar Gennadiev – Entrepreneur

Dimitar Dimitrov – Businessman, Municipal Advisor

Borislav Kostov CEO of Silpa

Members of the Academic Council of MU-Sofia voted for the decision

Prof. Dr. Viktor Zlatkov – Rector

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivan Mitov

Prof. Dr. Violeta Dimitrov

Prof. Dr. Radoslav Gurchev

Prof. Alexey Savov

Prof. Dr. Sabina Zaharieva

Prof. Dr. Iva Petkova

Prof. Dr. Dimka Khinova-Pavlova

Chief Assist. Dr. Silvia Kalenderova – Wolf

Vidin Kirkov – Student

Prof. Dr. Andon Filchev

Prof. Dr. Milena Peneva

Prof. Dr. Maya Rashkova

Prof. Dr. Radomir Ugrinov

Prof. Hristina Popova, PhD

Assoc. Prof. Zhanina Pavlova

Prof. Dr. Nikolay Danchev

Prof. Nikolai Lambov

Prof. Alexander Zlatkov

Prof. Irina Doychinova

Prof. Valentina Petkova-Dimitrov

Prof. Milen Dimitrov

Prof. Dr. Tzekomir Vodenicharov

Prof. Magdalen Alexandrov

Prof. Caroline Lyubomirova

Chief Assistant Todor Dimitrov

Rositsa Markova – Student

Prof. Dr. Vihren Petkov