research group

ACCOMPLISH: ACCess tO Modern, Personalized, vaLue-based, effIcient and Sustainable Health and pharmaceutical services in Bulgaria

Main research area of the group

Pharmacoeconomic, Health economic, and Public health (The research group is gathering professionals experienced in an area of public health; health care financing and budgeting; pricing, reimbursement of medicines and health technologies assessment; social pharmacy; pharmacoeconomic; pharmacoepidemiology; pharmaceutical care; medical ethics; rare diseases and orphan medicines, modeling of the chronic diseases and preventive programs; RWD.) Diseases and medicines of interest to the research group are oncological, onco-hematological, rare diseases, orphan medicines, chronic and socially important diseases (mainly diabetes, neurological disorders, COPD, and rheumatoid diseases).

Leading researchers

Prof. Guenka Petrova, PhD, DSc. – Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of
Organisation and economy of Pharmacy, MU – Sofia

Assoc. Prof. Maria Kamusheva, PhD – Organization and Economics of Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, MU – Sofia

Members of the research team:

  • Prof. Valentina Boyanova Petkova-Dimitrova, D.Sc., PhD, MPharm, MPH;
  • Prof. Ilko Nikolaev Getov, PhD;
  • Prof. Manoela Metodieva Manova, PhD, MPharm, MPH;
  • Prof. Alexandra Savova, PhD, MPharm, MPH;
  • Prof. Miglena Georgieva Kirilova-Doneva, MMath, PhD;
  • Prof. Antonya Yanakieva, PhD;
  • Assoc. Prof. Maria Jordanova Dimitrova,PhD, MPharm, MPH;
  • Assoc. Prof. Zornitsa Emilova Mitkova, PhD, MPharm, MPH;
  • Assoc. Prof.Konstantin Tachkov; PhD;
  • Assoc. Prof. Alexandrina Vodenicharova, PhD;
  • Senior Assistant Violeta Getova; PhD;
  • Senior Assistant Petya Milushewa; PhD

Research goals

(1) To analyze the current regulatory and economic state of the healthcare system and pharmaceutical services in the country and to compare it with the European ones with special emphasis on pharmacotherapy and the cost of oncology, rare and socially important chronic diseases.
(2) To identify the gaps and issues considering the reality and future needs of health technologies and pharmaceutical services and to model their efficiency and financial frameworks.
(3) To propose e-health solutions how to improve and promote health technologies and pharmaceutical services usage in a socially responsible and ethical manner.
(4) To study the patients’ involvement in the therapeutic process, factors affecting the adherence and patients’ reported outcomes.