research group

Angiogenesis and Vascular Biology

Main research area of the group

Angiogenesis, Microbeam Radiotherapy, Vascular imaging

Leading researchers

Prof. Dr med. Valentin Djonov

Institute of Anatomy, histology and embryology, University of Bern, Switzerland

Members of the research team:

Prof. PhD Ivanka Dimova; Prof. PhD Pavlina Andreeva-
Gateva; Assoc. Prof. PhD Svilen Maslyankov; Assoc. Prof. PhD Radka Hadjiolova; Senior
assist. PhD Zafer Sabit; Assist. PhD Dimitar Bakalov; PhD Kalina Belemezova; PhD Natasha

Research goals

IMOGEN will aim at 1) the development of a robust imaging approach for 3D-imaging of the macro- and microvasculature with the highest possible resolution; 2) transcriptome profiling in normal and pathological angiogenesis and comparing the expression perturbations observed in tissue and blood cells genomes; 3) expression profiling of stem cells with angiogenic potential and animal model analysis; 4) validation and meta-analysis of the most prominent markers and identification of potential targets for new therapeutic interventions; 5) the development of state–of–the–art transcriptomics/proteomics facility for angiogenesis research in Medical University Sofia offering high-quality research services to users from different countries.