research group

INNODDS: Development of innovative drug delivery systems for optimized and personalized therapy

Main research area of the group

Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics

Leading researchers

Prof. Krassimira Yoncheva, PhD, DSc

Faculty of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology with Biopharmaceutics, MU – Sofia

Members of the research team:

Prof. PhD, Denitsa Momekova; Prof. PhD, Bistra Kostova;
Prof. MPH- HMP, PhD Milen Dimitrov; Assoc. Prof. PhD Borislav Tzankov; Assoc. Prof., PhD
Christina Voycheva; Cheif. Assist. Prof., PhD Martha Slavkova; Chief Assist. Prof. PhD Victoria
Michailova; Cheif. Assist. Prof. PhD Dilyana Georgieva; Cheif. Assist. Prof. PhD Teodora
Popova; Assist. Prof. Lyubomira Radeva Assist. Prof. Yasmina Vodenicharska

Research goals

The research goals of the group are focused on the development of different innovative drug
delivery systems able to provide specific delivery of the incorporated drugs, improved
therapeutic efficacy and avoidance of their undesired effects. The newly prepared drug delivery
systems will be prepared with different carriers (polymers, inorganic materials, lipids, etc.) and
morphology (e.g. micro- and nanospheres, micelles, nanogels, liposomes, niosomes). Further,
the developed particulate systems will be formulated in dosage forms intended for different
routes of administration (e.g. oral, dermal, mucosal). Transdermal systems that allow the
administration of active substances with low oral bioavailability and avoid the effect of the first
pass through the liver also will be developed. Polymer films (fast-dissolving or bio adhesive
films) will be developed aiming to achieve specific release of the loaded drugs. Oral and
transdermal systems will be developed by 3D/4D printing aiming to obtain personalization and
optimization of the therapy.