research group

PHOENIX-NCD: PHarmacOlogical Exploration of Natural products as multitargeted therapeutic modalities In eXperimental models of Non-Communicable Diseases

Main research area of the group

Pharmacology of Natural Products, Ethnopharmacology, Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical Botany, Experimental models of non-communicable diseases

Leading researchers

Prof. Georgi Momekov, PhD, DSc

Faculty of Pharmacy, Dept. Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy and Toxicology, MU – Sofia

Members of the research team:

Prof. PhD, DSc Spiro Konstantinov; Prof. PhD Irina Nikolova;
Prof. PhD, Rumyana Simeonova; Assoc. Prof. PhD Reneta Gevrenova; Assoc. Prof. PhD
Dimitrina Zheleva-Dimitrova; Assoc. Prof. PhD Yulian Voynikov; Assist. Prof. PhD Rositsa
Mihaylova; Assist. Prof. PhD Ivanka Kostadinova PhD; Assist. Prof. PhD Vessela Balabanova-
Bozushka; Assist. Prof. PhD Lubomir Marinov

Research goals

The research goal of the program is to identify NPs as potential therapeutic modalities in models of NCDs. The phytochemical group will obtain extracts of different polarity with subsequent metabolite profiling of selected plant taxa. The extracts/BACs will undergo pharmacological testing in experimental models of NCDs namely neoplastic diseases (leukemias, lymphomas and solid tumors, including multidrug-resistant models), metabolic syndrome (with a tiered evaluation of effects on type 2 diabetes mellitus, essential hypertension and hyperuricemia), arthritis, inflammation and pain. The successful realization of the envisaged program will enable the formation of an interdisciplinary expert hub and research center for evidence-based pharmacology of natural products.