European University INGENIUM

обща снимка на участниците в срещата

Medical University – Sofia hosted the Kick-off physical meeting of WP2 and WP4 of European University INGENIUM

Medical University – Sofia hosted the meeting of Work packages №2 and №4 of the European University INGENIUM. The official guests: Dr. Ivana Radonova, State Expert, Higher Education Directorate, Ministry of Education and Science, Prof. Eliza Stefanova, Director of the National Assessment and Accreditation Agency (NAAA), as well as Prof. Petya Kabakchieva, former director of NААА, as well as the directors of directorates at the National Center for Information and Documentation (NACID), Mrs. Maya Dimitrova and Mr. Kostadin Tonev, congratulated the partners from the other nine partner universities and discussed the administrative challenges before the Alliance.

The European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth Mrs. Iliana Ivanova gave an official welcome to the attendees.

During the INGENIUM WP2&WP4 meetings in Sofia, several workshops were held, as well as seminars on the following topics: “Report on obstacles to the alliance”, “Guidelines for the INGENIUM Green Campus” and “Joint programs”. The head of WP2, Simeon Manolov, together with Prof. A. Yanakieva and Assoc. Prof. N. Gradinarova discussed the tasks and obstacles in front of the WP2. Financial matters were dealt with by representatives of the University of Rouen, Normandy. In an open discussion led by the head of WP4 Lisa Valentina Riedel, the partners also discussed important issues regarding the “10 days of INGENIUM Junior and Senior Schools” organized by the Alliance.

A highlight of the partners’ social program was their visit to the Boyan Church and the National History Museum.