The right to financial incentives for volunteer work by virtue of a developed methodology shall be available for students from:

– III, IV, V and VI year of studies of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Dental Medicine,

– students from II and III year of studies of the Faculty of public health, specialty “Nurse”, “Medical assistant”, “Midwife “, “Physiotherapy “

– Students from affiliate “Prof. Dr. Ivan Mitev “- Vratza, specialty “Nurse”, “Medical assistant”, “Midwife”

–  Students of I, II and III year of studies of the Medical College “Yordanka Filaretova”  Students will be financially stimulated when they do volunteer work in COVID-wards of medical institutions for at least 60 hours per month excluding the time of the training sessions.

The amount of the financial incentive is BGN 520 when volunteer work is done for at least for 60 hours per month.

Volunteers should be aware that under this procedure for financial incentives their voluntary work should be applied in the period after 01.11.2020.

In case they apply less than 60 hours no financial incentives shall be carried out. If the time exceeds 60 hours per month, the amount of financial incentives remains unchanged.

Submission of applications for financial incentive for volunteering – March from  05.04.2021 

All who have carried any volunteer work should complete the online volunteers form available on the webpage of the Medical University – Sofia (link) after having reached a volunteering agreement with a certain medical institution.

Volunteers should also fill in an online application form for financial compensation from MU- Sofia.

Volunteers should fill in their full names, course, faculty number, department / faculty, and attach a scanned certificate from the hospital (or any other official document from the relevant medical institution, signed by the respective Executive Director / Manager) which indicates the month in which they perform their voluntary work as well as their bank account number.

*THE OFFICIAL NOTE should contain information about the hours completed by each individual per reported month.

** NOTE: The recognition of service/internship is governed by the relevant educational departments of the faculties / departments.