MU – SOFIA AND National Research Fund to Ministry of Education and Science presented the results of the NATIONAL UNIVERSITY COMPLEX FOR BIOMEDICAL AND APPLIED RESEARCH

The results of the implementation of a project for the National University Complex for Biomedical and Applied Research were presented today (29.11.2018) at the Medical and Biological Complex of MU-Sofia. The event was opened by the Vice-Rector of Science and Accreditation of the Medical University-Sofia Prof. Valentina Petkova, PhD, Prof. Dr. Nikolay Lazarov, PhD, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Scientific Research Fund and Project Manager Academician Dr. Vanyo Mitev, dbn. The official guest from the Ministry of Education and Science was Dr. Milena Damyanova, Director of the Science Directorate. Within the framework of the event, which was organized in accordance with the National Strategy for the Development of Research in the Republic of Bulgaria 2017 – 2030 and in implementation of the Communication Strategy of the Scientific Research Fund (NSF), the capabilities of the project developed new scientific infrastructure.

In his speech, Prof. Petkova emphasized the great importance of the acquired equipment and equipment for expanding the access to advanced technologies of all medical specialists from the Medical University-Sofia and Medical University-Plovdiv.

The basis of the consortium is the Center for Molecular Medicine, established in 2006 at MU-Sofia. It has been implemented with the support of projects funded by the European Union under the Sixth Framework Program (FP6) and by the Research Fund of the Ministry of Education and Science. In 2008, CMM, again with the support of the NSF, developed as a National Center of Excellence in Genomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics and focused on molecular medical research and training. “Science is a pleasure in itself, but the greatest satisfaction is to help patients,” said project coordinator Prof. Kaneva of the Department of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry at the Medical University – Sofia.

National University Complex for Biomedical and Applied Research (NUCCI) includes structural units – Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM), MU-Sofia, Center for Molecular Biology and Immunology, MU-Plovdiv, departments and laboratories at the two leading medical universities, and conducts research activity from 2010 until now with funds provided by the Scientific Research Fund (FNI) at the Ministry of Education and Science in the amount of BGN 6.235 million, informed Prof. Kaneva.

Among the infrastructure being built, part of which was demonstrated during the presentation are:

CMM’s Biobanking Division, which is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for processing, isolating and storing biological samples, and stores a unique collection of over 20,000 DNA and over 3,000 tissue samples.
The CMM Genomics Division is equipped with genomic research equipment – a next-generation sequencing and microarray analysis that addresses the challenges of modern science, but also provides diagnostic testing, as well as common diseases such as autism, epilepsy, mental retardation and rare genetic diseases. –
The Laser Microdissection Sector has a cryostat and a laser microdissection system with a high-tech microscope, which allows precise isolation and handling of cell cultures and cells from tumor tissue.
The Sector of Metabolomics and the Laboratory for Analysis and Synthesis of Biologically Active Substances in the Department of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry are equipped with the latest generation equipment, enabling mass spectrometric determination of the profile of proteins, peptides and metabolites.
The Cell and Tissue Cultivation Sector and the Signal Transduction Laboratory are modernly equipped for cell and tissue cultivation and functional testing.
The Laboratory of Hemodynamics and Kidney Functions and the Laboratory of Vegetative Regulation at the Department of Physiology, Medical University – Sofia are equipped with modern equipment for working with experimental animals, functional studies and study of cardiovascular and renal function.
The Central Laboratory for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Clinical Pharmacology of Alexandrovska Hospital and Department of Clinical Laboratory and Immunology, MF, Medical University-Sofia is equipped with precision biochemical research and treatment control equipment.
The Center for Molecular Biology and Immunology at MU-Plovdiv has been upgraded for up-to-date molecular genetic research and biobanking.
The research conducted at the National University Complex for Biomedical and Applied Research is of great social importance for the health of the Bulgarian nation. The timely entry of scientific advances into the healthcare system, the introduction of the principles of precision medicine, will guarantee the right of access to them for all those in need and will lead to a more optimal distribution of health care costs.
As a result of the implementation of the project, a critical mass of expertise and technological capabilities has been achieved, which gives a new impetus to research in the field of molecular medicine, genetics and epidemiology in Bulgaria in the post-genomic era. There are successful examples of rapid implementation of scientific advances in diagnostics and professionals