MU-Sofia is in 1st place for Bulgaria in the university ranking of the EC

This week, the prestigious international ranking of universities U-Multirank:2021 ranked Medical University-Sofia in 1st place in terms of aggregate criteria among all 12 Bulgarian universities that are included. U-Multirank world university rankings compare different subjects at different universities according to the performance of higher education institutions in 5 criteria and 10 sub-criteria:

  • • Teaching & Learning – includes the percentage of graduating on time (bachelors) and graduating on time (masters);
  • • Research activity – Research publications (absolute numbers), Citation rate, Top cited publications, Interdisciplinary publications;
  • • Knowledge transfer – Co-publications with industrial partners and Publications cited in patents;
  • • International orientation – International orientation of bachelor programmes & master programmes, Opportunities to study abroad, International joint publications & International research grants;
  • • Regional involvement – Student internships in the region, Regional joint publications, Income from regional sources.

In previous years MU-Sofia was a leader in the rankings by individual criteria for Bulgaria, but this year for the first time the Top scores is so high.

The independent U-Multirank ranking is an initiative of the European Commission, partly funded by the Erasmus + programme, and the evaluation of the participating universities is done by a consortium led by the Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) at the University of Tuente, Center for Science and Technology research (CWTS) at the University of Leiden (both in the Netherlands), from the Center for Higher Education (CHE) in Germany, and from the NGO Fundacion CYD, Spain. The first ranking came out in 2014.