MU-Sofia opens the contest “Student of the Year 2021”

Traditionally, at the end of each calendar year, the Student Council at MU-Sofia organizes a contest named “Student and Lecturer of the Year of Medical University-Sofia”. In this regard we are now opening the procedure for submitting applications to the competition.

Deadline for submitting the documents is November 30th, 2021 to the following email address:

As many of you already know, the idea behind the creation of this competition which has already turned into tradition, is to encourage and reward students who have proven academic excellence, knowledge of foreign languages, affinity for research and discovery, participation and presentation of our university in national and international scientific seminars and conferences, accessions and distinctions, participation in student and non-governmental organizations, etc.

On this occasion, Medical University – Sofia will nominate one student in each of the following categories:

• Student of the Year at Medical University – Sofia

• Student of the Year at the Faculty of Medicine

• Student of the Year at the Faculty of Dental Medicine

• Student of the Year at the Faculty of Pharmacy

• Student of the Year at the Faculty of Public Health “Prof. Dr. Tsekomir Vodenicharov, MD

• Student of the Year of the Medical College “Yordanka Filaretova”

• Student of the Year of the Branch “Prof. Ivan Mitev ”- Vratsa

• International student of the year

To participate in the competition, please send us a short CV in Bulgarian and attach scanned copies of eligible documents / certificates to the criteria for participation in the competition, valid for a period of one year ago – November 2020 – November 2021, namely:

  1. Total score of the course of study from the previous two semesters (Academic transcript or Certificate, certified by the Dean’s office of the respective faculty must be provided; for participants from the 1st year of studies the grades from the candidate-student campaign are taken into consideration);
  2. Language skills (certificate (s) for a certain level of proficiency must be provided);
  3. Jobs and positions, internships and practice (a document from an employer or manager of the respective internship certifying employment must be provided);
  4. Work in COVID-units (a document from an employer or manager certifying the employment  must be provided);
  5. Membership in various organizations (such as Student Council, various non-governmental organizations – a note signed by the President of the organization must be provided);
  6. Positions held with mandate in various organizations (document from the Chairman of the respective organization must be provided);
  7. Educational seminars increasing the level of competencies (certificate of participation must be provided);
  8. Scientific publications (a copy of each available publication must be provided);
  9. Participation in congresses, conferences, symposia, seminars and lecture streams (active or passive participation must be certified by a certificate);
  10. Participation in sports events (certificate or other prize must be provided);
  11. Other awards and distinctions (certificates, medals, etc. must be provided);

Remember that the relevant documents and certificates certifying your participation and skills refer to the following period: November 2020 – November 2021.

Send us your applications to:

Your applications will be considered and evaluated by a highly qualified Commission, which will nominate a winner in each category.