MU-Sofia presented the winners in the new building project design competition

The public presentation of the new building project design assigned by the Medical University-Sofia took place on February 14th in the Largo space located between the Council of Ministers and the Presidency.

After an open competition was held, the jury ranked seven projects. The participants in the first three places were awarded with cash prizes, according to a decision of the Academic Council of MU-Sofia, provided by the legacy of the Bulgarian emigrant Dr. Andrey Georgiev.

The first place winner was Tilev Architects Ltd awarded with 80,000 BGN, the second place winner was Architectonica studio awarded with 65,000 BGN, and third place winner was the project of Delinear Company awarded with 35,000 BGN.

The heads of the awarded architectural companies have signed a contract with the Rector of MU-Sofia, Professor Victor Zlatkov, to receive their awards and for the acquisition of rights on the project .

According to the project design, our university’s new home will be located in the courtyard of the former Medical Academy, near the Hospital “Maychin Dom” and the new University Hospital “St. Ekaterina”, on a land of about 13,500 square meters.

The built-up area of the building, according to the assignment project is about 5500 sq.m., and the total built-up area is about 28000 sq.m. The building will house the Rectorate, the Deans offices of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Public Health at the Medical University-Sofia, aulas, departments, laboratories, congress center, lecture halls and seminar halls, classrooms, simulation center, library, underground garage and more. In addition to the administrative part, the building will have a sports center, a restaurant for the students and staff and more. One of the halls in the new building will be named after the name of Dr. Andrey Georgiev.