разговор межд,у домакините и гостите от Р Косово

MU- Sofia welcomed the first academic delegation from the Universiteti i Gjakovës”Fehmi Agani” – R Kosovo

In implementation of the current mobility project Erasmus+ Programme KA171, the Faculty of Public Health Prof. Tzecomir Vodenitcharov, MD, PhD, DSc, at MU-Sofia shared its experience in reorganizing the training programs for nurses and midwives in accordance with European directives and requirements. It is expected that professors from the FOZ Prof. Tzecomir Vodenitcharov, MD, PhD, DSc, will develop together with their colleagues plans for creating master’s and doctoral programs. There are 18 mobilities foreseen under the project, including teachers and students.

The Vice-rector for academic activities, Prof. Dr. Karolina Lyubomirova, PhD, and experts from the Erasmus+ Medical University – Sofia 

“International Integration and Project Funding” Department welcomed the guests to the Rector’s office, while the program of visiting lecturers continues under the mentorship of Prof. Antoniya Yanakieva, PhD, academic coordinator for FOZ Prof. Tzecomir Vodenitcharov, MD, PhD, DSc, College “J. FILARETOVA” and Branch of Vratsa.