New Оrder of the Rector in connection with the training at MU-Sofia

ORDER № РК-36-1396/15.06.2020

Pursuant to Art. 32, para. 1, item 1 of the Health Insurance Act, in connection with the State of Emergency declared on 13th March 2020 by a Decision of the National Assembly (promulgated, SG No. 28 / 24.03.2020), due to the aggravated epidemiological situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic and extended term by Decision of the National Assembly as of 03.04.2020 (promulgated, SG No. 33 / 07.04.2020), Decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria 378 as of 12.06.2020 for the extension of the term as announced by Decision №325 of 14.05.2020, of the extraordinary epidemic situation until 30.06.2020, and the due measures introduced by Order of the Minister of Health № RD-01-124 / 13.03.2020, amended and suppl. by Orders № RD 195 / 10.04.2020, № RD-01-189 / 09.04.2020, № RD-01-256 / 11.05.2020 № RD-01-268 / 15.05.2020, № RD-01-277 / 26.05.2020, Order № RD- 01-331 / 12.06.2020, Order № RD- 01-338 / 13.06.2020, Order № RD- 01-337 / 13.06.2020 Letter No. 21-00-268 / 08.06.2020 of the Minister of Health, Letters № 9104-34 / 16.03.2020 № 0211-113 / 19.05.2020 of the Minister of Education and Science, Decisions from meetings of the Extended Rectors ‘and Deans’ Council of MU-Sofia by Minutes № 28 /as of 17.03.2020, Minutes № 29 / as of 10.04.2020 and Minutes № 30 / as of 13.05.2020, as well as Decisions of Academic Council / Protocol 43 / 28.05.2020 in connection with the introduced legislative changes related to the pandemic of COVID-19,


1. I amend Order № RK36-Z75 of 06.03.2020, amended and suppl. by Order № RКЗ6-З95 from 09.03.2020, Order № RКЗ6-4З7 from 16.03.2020, Order № RКЗ6-466 from 26.03.2020, Order № RК36-526 from 15.04.2020, Order №RК36- 827 / 13.05.2020, amended by Order № RКЗ6-883 from 15.05.2020 and Order №RК36-1082 / 29.05.2020, by extending the term of the virtual, distant learning in an electronic environment until 01.07.2020 inclusive

2. The Deans and the Heads of the academic structures to continue the implementation of the curricula approved by the Academic Council (Protocol 43 / 28.05.2020) for the completion of the semester and the academic year of students, the undergraduate internship of graduates, to inform the students and teachers about the set of rules, course of action and schedules according to which the virtual training will take place, in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures, and in the absence of a ban by the health authorities or any other competent authorities. Where it is impossible to provide training, internship thus complete the school year in an electronic environment and / or the actual presence of students, graduates and interns is urgent, Deans and Directors of academic structures are to establish an organization for the strict compliance with the anti-epidemic measures in accordance with the letter and the orders of the Minister of Health.

3. All other orders, introduced by orders of the Rector of MU-Sofia, remain in force until 01.07.2020, incl. or until the expiration of the additionally indicated terms by the Orders or the Decisions (Protocols 28 and 29) of the Extended Deans’and Rector’s Council and Academic Council (Protocol 43 / 28.05.2020).

4. If necessary, additional measures and decisions will be announced in due time in case of any changes of the situation and the recommendation of the competent authorities.