On the website of the Ministry of Health ( ) an order of the Minister of Health (RD-01-03 / dated 12.01.2018) was published to appoint national consultants to the Ministry of Health and medical non-medical specialties in the healthcare system, highly specialized and specific areas within the respective specialty, in accordance with the requirements of Ordinance No. 47/ 08.09.2010. We are honored and proud that 53 of all the nominated specialists of the Medical University – Sofia are recognized as prominent leaders of the appointed 89 specialties. In this regard, we will remind that during the last (2017), as well as in all the years since the rating system of the higher schools in Bulgaria was created by the Ministry of Education (2011), the Medical University – Sofia is again the undisputed leader in the ranking For the Professional Directions Medicine, dental Medicine, pharmacy, public health and health care. This talks about sustainable and proactive development in front of the other medical universities and higher schools, developing medical directions in Bulgaria. The management of MU-Sofia uses the occasion to congratulate the chosen colleagues and to wish them success in the noble mission in the performance of their professional tasks.