New regulations related to COVID-19 to the residents of the student dormitories of MU-Sofia

Regulative instructions to the students who reside in the dormitories of MU-SOFIA were issued today by the Rector Professor Victor Zlatkov. The document reminds that until 29/03/2020, and possibly further to 13/04/2020 students will conduct distant training, which is currently introduced in stages. In this regard, all should observe mandatory rules for the occupancy of the dormitories of MU-Sofia, such as maintaining high personal hygiene, limiting at maximum the access and walking outside the dormitory building, not visiting other rooms and not accepting people from outside or other residents of the hostel, not to participate in any mass events, regardless of the occasion etc.

The rest of the binding rules you can read HERE | BG

In case of disobeying to these instructions, regulations and recommendations of the hostel management, and those of the university, state and health authorities, and in case of finding a virus carrier or a sick person, the possibility of quarantining the whole hostel is highly likely possible!

Each resident of the dormitories of MU-Sofia will be obliged to be informed and aware of these instructions, and declare in writing that he/she has received it and will comply with the mandatory prescriptions for anti-epidemiological measures for protection against COVID- 19.

The Regulative instructions can be downloaded HERE | BG