European University – Tbilisi invites all students of MU-Sofia to attend online lectures organized on consecutive days for the period 21-30 June 2021. The two universities have been partners with each other for two years, according to a signed Agreement on cooperation in the field of medicine. The lectures are related to topics in the field of Urology, Cardiology and Surgery.

The future ambitions of the two institutions are aimed at exchanging students and teachers, and organizing other international events, conferences and congresses.

The working language of the program is English, and at the end of the course students will receive a certificate of attendance in online lectures with an international partner.

Anyone who wants to join the lectures can follow the link below, valid for all lectures:

Video call link:
Or dial: (US) +1 662-676-0041 PIN: 888 704 767 #

Please note that 16:00 Georgian time (GMT + 4) would be15:00 Eastern European Time (GMT + 3).


21 Jun.21 16:00 (Georgian Time)

  1. Urological anatomy for medical students – Mr. Aleksandre Khelaia. 

22. Jun.21 16:00 (Georgian Time)

  1. Trauma in Urology – Mr. Aleksandre Khelaia

23. Jun. 21 17:00 (Georgian Time ) 

  1. Adaptive and Maladaptive Cardiac Remodeling – Ms. Ekaterine Jabua

24. Jun. 21 13:00 (Georgian Time)

  1. Alcohol and sleep – Ms. Tamar Aladashvili

24. Jun. 21 17:00 (Georgian Time)

  1. Benign and malignant skin tumors and diagnosis – Ms. Sophiko Liluashvili 

25. Jun. 21 19:00 (Georgian Time)

  1. Heart Failure – Ms. Natia Asitashvili 

28. Jun. 21 19:00 (Georgian Time)

  1. Successful model of elimination of hepatitis C using new generation drugs – Ms. Nino Badridze

29. Jun. 21 18:00 (Georgian Time)

  1. Joint surgical intervention of ENT and related specialties – Ms. Shorena Tsiklauri 

30. Jun. 21 17:00 (Georgian Time)     

  1.  Sudden cardiac death – Ms. Ekaterine Jabua