Order by the Rector concerning the epidemiological situation and the training sessions

The Rector of Medical University-Sofia issued today an Order related to the epidemiological situation occurred in the country and in accordance with the Decisions of the Conference meeting of Extended Rector-Dean’s Council

The order states that:

  1. All students who are absent due to illness and have developed clinical symptoms associated with any influenza viruses must prove their absence with the appropriate documents issued by a hospital or their personal GP.
  2. Students who have traveled and come from areas at risk and who have been referred by state or other institutions for a 14-day quarantine, upon receiving a referral from the health authorities or general practitioner, are obliged to inform the relevant Educational departments and persons responsible for conducting anti-epidemiological measures in the Faculty, the College, the Branch and the Department, and during their absence, an individual program for the completion of the training sessions will be scheduled to serve as certification and recognition of the semester.